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T Reynolds

T Reynolds is a researcher, writer and gamer who's working to bring all three together with a gaming company called Chromatic Chameleon Publishing. Their thesis paper at university was on developing the virtual landscape of Second Life, and they've worked as both a reference librarian and as a city archivist. T Reynolds' previous written work includes articles on competitive intelligence and cultural landscapes for scholarly publications, as well as assorted articles on gaming for Polymancer Magazine.

Antony M. Copeland

Antony Copeland is the creator of Hermes925 and The City Of Gate. He's been a lover of writing stories, particularly science fiction and fantasy since childhood, and finally decided to take the plunge in his mid-thirties. Despite his late start he's determined to fulfill his childhood dreams and become a well-known author, and hopes that his success will inspire others to take a similar leap of faith. Antony's detailed and colorful depiction of the "N-Viron" was a key inspiration for the vision of UbiquiCity.

S L Koch

S. L. Koch is a person-shaped sentient fungus that is fooling no one. A storyteller of weird tales, he is responsible for the books Liquid Hitler and Crime of the Scene, as well as pieces done for Enter the Shadowside and Ubiquicity. He's working on dozens of new books, so please feed him before he dies. Liquid Hitler Crime of the Scene

DeAnna Knippling

DeAnna is a freelance writer, editor, and book designer living in Colorado. She's the author of Alice's Adventures in Underland and Choose Your Doom Zombie Apocalypse, among many other titles. DeAnna writes science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime, and mystery for adults under her own name; adventurous weird fiction for middle-grade kids under the pseudonym De Kenyon; and has ghostwritten over a million words under various non-disclosable names. She's also obsessed with Alice in Wonderland.

Shariann Lewitt

Shariann has written seventeen books under five different names. Most of her publications are hard science fiction, with particular interest in biology and biocomputing as she has a background in evolutionary and computational biology. Her better known titles include Memento Mori, Interface Masque, and Rebel Sutra, which was selected as a selection of the Science Fiction Book Club. They are available from Fantastic Books as well as on Amazon.