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Brad Cole

Brad Cole writes near future science fiction. Look for his next piece in the upcoming Neon Shadows anthology from Indie Author Press. He is also putting together his own collection of cyber- and bio- punk tales for publication, and assisted with Arbee Cole's 21st Century Tales of High Fantasy (available now at He currently resides in the Greater Cincinnati area. Check out his website at

D. M. Dore

D. M. Dore is an avid reader from Quebec who is currently in the process of independently publishing her first novel while working on developing her blog. Her interests include sci-fi, fantasy, and all things supernatural. She blogs at Follow her on Twitter: @dore_deirdre or Instagram: dedge_106

Irene Bassett

Irene D. Bassett is a trans woman who loves to play D&D when she's not writing for podcasts or dreaming of the future. You can find her work on the nosleep podcast, the CREEPY podcast, and at You can follow Irene on Twitter at @pineapleheretic

G. Dean Manuel

G. Dean Manuel is a multi-genre author who was born in the Philippines but, through a series of misadventures (or just adventures, depending on your POV), he currently resides in Kansas. He has been published in several anthologies and magazines. His published stories include "Grandfather" (Contemporary Fantasy, Heart of a Child anthology), "The King's Road" (Fantasy, Unsheathed Anthology) and "Bounty:Greed" (Weird West, Gathering Storm Magazine). Besides fiction writing, G.

Jens Durke

Jens Durke is a hobby blogger and RPG design enthusiast, living, gaming and writing in Germany. He's been playing roleplaying games for over 25 years now, and writing about them for almost 8 years. When he's not busy gaming or writing or working to keep a roof over his head, he's preparing for his degree as a Print Media BA and exploring the beautiful city of Leipzig and its surroundings with his partner. His contributions to the UbiquiCity series are his first forays into writing (science) fiction.

Book 2 - Now Available!


Beneath the smartglass towers, hovering drones and digital advertisements of the corporate elite, life on the streets of Union City follows its own cyber-organic rhythms.

Book 2 Cover Reveal!

Original cover art by KHIUS (creator of the book 1 cover)

UbiquiCity Book 2: "Undercurrents" - Coming this winter from As If Books.

Includes stories by Irene Bassett, Brad Cole, D.M. Dore, Jens Durke, S.L. Koch, G. Dean Manuel, Adrian McCauley and Rick Rosenkranz.

Book 2 in Progress

Team Ubi is happy to announce that final edits and layup has begun for the second book in the UbiquiCity series! Set in the same city of ubiquitous computing and featuring many of your favorite characters from book one, the new installment is scheduled for a Winter release, and will include original fiction by Irene Bassett, Brad Cole, D.M. Dore, Jens Durke, S.L. Koch, G. Dean Manuel, Adrian McCauley and Rick Rosenkranz.

UbiquiCity Teaser Video