from "Dork Knights of Harohbakh" by S L Koch

Rhett glared back at Meeps, a wash of betrayal across his lips. "You live stream our sessions?"

Meeps shrugged. “People like our sessions. Lazy people who pay me to watch this. The most popu—”

Rhett examined the chat stream that scrolled by over Meeps’ head. The last reply read: the laziest.

"Perverts. Ugh." Rowan groaned as she flagged some of the sleazier comments in the chat.

Meeps procured an ice cream from a nearby automated cart. "Hey, I got credits. SLRRP. Let's go rent a room and continue our game session. SLRRP. Don't they have those temp party places on the lower floors?"

"I hate set rooms," Juniper said. "Look at the vast freedom before us! An entire mall to explore! We can climb the stairs to feel like we're scaling mountains!” Theater music lifted from his shoulder rig as he spoke, programmed to match his delivery of speech, and now he was singing like a fool. He’d been kicked out of theater class for reasons he wouldn’t talk about, so he did broadway in public. Badly.
Rowan groaned again. “Do you have to do these bits?”

Juniper continued his musical bit despite her. “That food court down there? It can be our villa-aage! And the laser tag underground club? But a treacherous dunge-ooon! Come on man. Have some heart. Be a part, of the fun, let’s get on- have some heaaart! Come with me, adventuri-iiiing!”

"In a set room we won't look like dorks." Meeps said.

Juniper rolled his eyes as he shut the music off. "We look like dorks anywhere we go. You're a zebra, dude."

# # #

- from "Dork Knights of Harohbakh" by S L Koch

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