from "Two Heads on a Platter" by Rick Rosenkranz

That’s odd. Leefield had checked the schedule in the morning and no shipments had been on it. To re-verify, he asked Melba to bring it up again. When the calendar materialized in front of him it confirmed that fact: nothing was due to arrive.

“What’s in the shipment, Ms…. Ms….” He paused, trying to remember her name. She was relatively new to the job, hired within the last nine months sight-unseen based upon the recommendation of the Twin Lions.

Recommendation. Leefield laughed. When the heads of Nutrex recommended someone, you didn’t respond with I’d like to interview them first. Fortunately, Ms. Whatever-her-name-was had turned out to be quite competent.

“O’Dodd, sir,” the woman offered in her husky voice. “It’s a strange one, sir. Big refrigerated container delivered via freight drone from the Outside.” The woman let the word Outside hang there a moment, then continued. “It’s from a company called Over-Population Solutions.”

“Why didn’t you reject it?” He really wanted to get back to his birds.

“Because the invoice has your name on it, sir. See?”

An image sprang up in front of Leefield’s face. An invoice alright, fulfilling a delivery ordered by… crap, there it was: his signature. “I never signed that!” He ran a hand through his full head of genetically regrown hair as his eyes scanned the invoice. Qty – 300. Description – Cadavers. “What the—?” he blurted out. “Have you looked in the container, O’Dodd? Is it really cadavers?”

The round face nodded. “All wrapped separately in plastic and frozen stiff, sir. Like I said, I’m not sure what you want me to do with them.”

# # #

- from "Two Heads on a Platter" by Rick Rosenkranz

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